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Celebrate the Small Victories!

This new world of blogging is bittersweet.  Some days I am bustling with excitement and have all types of creative ideas.  I will make some tweaks on the back office, come up with creative titles and to-do lists.  But to be honest, most days I am terrified.  So much so, that I just freeze.  No production occurs whatsoever.  I wouldn’t call it “writers block” because again, I have so many ideas and know what I want to write.  I will call it “confidence block.”  This phrase may be coined already, but that is what I will call it.

Most of the time I am a pretty carefree and easygoing person.  But when it comes to my personal projects I can become quite the perfectionist (I believe we all are in regards to the things that are important to us). The thoughts that go through my mind: Is my site attractive enough? Are my posts focused? Are my posts any good?  How do I get traffic to my site? These haunting questions and many others just vex me. All of this negative self-talk has resulted in a lag of what’s most important—POSTING!

One of the people that I keep myself accountable to told me something very important: Celebrate the small victories.  So many times we place razor focus on things that we haven’t done or done right, and very little if any focus on the things that we actually have accomplished.  Even if it is small. So let the festivities begin!

My first celebration will be that the blog actually exists—how about that?  I am excited that I have a logo and a tag that I am satisfied with for now.  I am very excited that I actually do have some random guests that visit my site and actually leave comments.  I don’t know where these folks are coming from but they provide me with much motivation.

What I am most excited about is that my mother has been my biggest inspiration and support as she is an avid blogger (check her out at www.valeriehjohnson.com) and has given me a blueprint to get started.  She has given me a list of insightful bloggers to check out.  Visiting these sites has provided me with a lot of information, advice and a REALISTIC impression of where I should be in the infancy of my blog experience.  Check out my “links” section for some of my favs! I have been on a few of free webinars/conference calls, received some free e-books and  fresh wind blown into my sails.

With this newfound enthusiasm and focus, I am enthusiastic about posting and charting my way. Finding out who I am as a writer, finding my true niche, being myself and having a good time is the current path.

So make sure you are on the journey with me… and bring your roller skates!

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  1. Valerie

    Don’t have any roller skates (and if I did I’m too stiff to skate anymore) but I’m coming along for the ride. Thanks for the shout out.

    1. Nichole Renee

      You’re welcome! Gotta be extra nice before you start charging me, LOL!

  2. Janet Taylor

    Nichole you have inspired me to look into taking a class. Thanks!

  3. Kate

    I’m with you… on this crazy ride called life, the best way to stay positive and keep moving forward (as you would say) is to celebrate the small things. You have inspired and motivated me to remember to do the same with some of my own personal projects!!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Glad that I motivate you because you ALWAYS motivate me. So glad that we had an opportunity to work together!

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