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Working up the Courage to Take “Ms. Glenda’s” Class

I finished a tough workout one day in late December and a class in the cardio room drew my attention. The class seemed pretty intense–actually more so than a typical cardio class at a gym.   I tried to find the instructor, but the class was packed almost beyond capacity.  In the midst of everyone was this 5′ 4″ woman in her 50’s, solid coke bottle shape, with spandex, a tank top and some training gloves.  I stood there memorized not being able to move or speak for about 15 minutes.  

We all have things that we dodge or procrastinate.  My avoidance of late has been “Ms. Glenda’s” circuit boxing class. Not too many people intimidate me, but after I saw the class in session and a few other classes that she taught, I earned a lot of respect for this feisty lady.  She’s like any no-nonsense coach in the popular movies: aggressive and loud booming voice, pushes you to the limit, and doesn’t do well with slackers.  What is also different about her class is the number of male participants.  This is something that I don’t see often in aerobic/cardio classes, with the exception of the cycling.

After 3 months of cowardice, I finally took the class.  There were a number of people who had fitness gloves on and a few folks had on boxing gloves. I had on lotion.

She started the class asking for the newbies.  She smiled when I raised my hand, as I had told her on several occasions that I would take her class. Ms. Glenda smiled at a few more newbies, teased a few of the regulars and quickly got back into character.

The class started with some basic boxing stances and movements with high-speed music playing in the background. After 2 minutes, some serious intensity went on for the next 40 minutes.  There was a lot of running in circles and bobbing and weaving through the heavy bags.  A lot of football “run rapidly in place” drills, lots of jumping jacks: side-to-side, front to back and sideways to the right or left.  And of course a lot of boxing: jabs, upper cuts, and punching the heavy bags. There were push-ups and mountain climbers being done as a superset in between time on the heavy bags. The only breaks that you had were the ones you took.  The class ends with some floor exercises that focus on abs.  This lasts for about 10 minutes.

Surprisingly, I got through the class pretty well with one exception.  Apparently, I wore some pants that were too big and a shirt that was too small, so between all the jumping and running my belly got to see a lot of the class.  The people looking through the window saw all that too.  Truly embarrassing, but I am sure I burned extra calories trying to repeatedly pull my pants up and my shirt down.

The intensity, slow downs and quick spurts make this class a huge calorie burner.  It also allows work on stamina and breathing while running. I would highly recommend this class or something similar—of course with the proper attire.




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  1. Valerie

    That’s my girl, I knew you could do it. Don’t forget about the pants and shirt next time 😀

  2. Kate

    Good for you… did you ever make it back? If you ever want a break from what sounds like torture to me, maybe we could go walking??

    1. Nichole Renee

      I did make it back to her class and actually a spin class that I was avoiding. Great cardio! We should go walking in Alvethorpe park. I keep hearing that it is a great place to go in our area. Let’s try for the last week of July when I get back in town!

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