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When Life Gives you Lemons, Open a Lemonade Stand!

Sometimes on my lunch break, I take a walk outside.  There is an elementary school on my walk and I hear one of my favorite sounds… children on the playground.  The shrills and high energy are electrical!

The playground is a magical place.  It doesn’t matter what is going on, when released to race on the monkey bars, a big push on the swings or jumping rope, nothing else matters for that period of time as a kid.

Adult life gives you lemons and boy are they sour!

We repeatedly get lemons thrown at us and at times we pick the most negative ways to squeeze them: gambling, fighting, poor eating choices you name it.  What separates the kids from the adults is how we want our lemons to taste. Sometimes we choose sweet.  We’ll call this joy.

A lot of people think joy and happiness are the same thing.  Happiness is something that is temporary and changes due to circumstances–particularly how you feel.  Joy is an attitude of the heart and is permanent.  No one can take it away– it has to be given away. Each of us can think of situations that come as a warning or a complete surprise.  These situations can take us for a ride, but most of the time we don’t see that we have control over where we land.

One of my favorite movies is A Beautiful Mind. Based on a true story, Russell plays John Nash, a boy genius who develops schizophrenia. He hears, sees and talks to people who don’t exist.  At some point, he acknowledges they don’t exist but he still sees them.  He tells a colleague that he still sees the people but chooses not to acknowledge them!  He made it a mind-over-matter issue so that he would not allow the issue to wreck his life. His character went on with this battle for years, picked up a sense of normalcy, and eventually went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

How do you handle your challenges?  The following have helped my make my lemonade sweet:

  1. Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart and will speak life into you. I have a pretty good crew of friends that will tell me my butt stinks and what scent it is, but at the same time will  “ride or die” until the end, keeping me uplifted and positive along the way.
  2. Find a positive hobby.  Obviously blogging has become a new one of mine.  Service to others/volunteering has also been one of the things that I LOVE to do as it gives me a sense of fulfillment or accomplishment.
  3. Excercise.  This is a mandatory item on my schedule.  I work out 4-5 times a week and LOVE sitting in the sauna afterward. This redirects my negative energy, releases endorphins and lowers my pressure.  A few times, I swear this kept me from getting locked up.  SERIOUSLY!
  4. Have faith that you will get through the situation.  This is the most important thing.  We have the wonderful ability of being super dramatic and recycle our drama.  Being connected to God and a local church has been helpful to me over the years.


So with this ladies and gentleman, it’s time to be fearless like the kids on the playground and set up your lemonade stands.  Get your cups, ice, and a nice cushioned seat. Now, don’t be surprised if you pass my stand and I am selling lemonade, Kool-Aid, and iced tea. Life gets complicated like that.  When it does, I mix it with cane sugar and lots of joy.  I Keep it Moving!

I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the ways that you stay focused in stressful times.






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    1. Nichole Renee

      Thanks Shawn! What did you get out of this one?

  2. Gina Johnson

    Excellent!! PRESS through the PRESSURE! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Kate

    First- A Beautiful Mind is one of my favorite movies also, and I’ve never really looked that deep into it as you did in this blog, I like it! Thanks for giving me something to think about today.
    Second- As I navigate through an interesting transition period in my life right now, I find this post to be a great reminder. I agree with all of your points and methods, but lately I’ve been talking about using them to get through and get back on track, rather than using them. Maybe I just needed to hear them from someone else to remind me it’s time to get moving again! Thanks for the pep talk!

    1. Nichole Renee

      No problem Kate. Life is so short and we have to make the most of it. One of my friends passed away unexpectantly this morning and it served as a reminder that you have to not take anything for granted. Everything will work out in your situation and I pray and believe that something is going to come along that far exceeds the situation you had before. Just be more optimistic and have expectation that it will come–and it will. Keep your glass half-full girl!

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