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Yes, I’m Still Keeping It Moving!

So, let’s face the pink elephant in the room head on. I haven’t posted in a while and felt some kind of way about.

Whew!  Now I have that out of the way. There is a certain pressure that comes when you don’t blog on a somewhat “regular” basis.  Actually, it is one of the cardinal sins of blogging, especially for a new blog.  But as the name of this station is “Keep it Moving,” I had my own personal crap to contend with and had to practice a little of what I preach here.

April, May and June are already hard months for educators.  You are really worn out and have to press yourself to get to the end.  Yeah, yeah, yeah people tease us about having the entire summer off but they don’t know to what deep depths we go through during the year to inspire those budding minds, especially towards the end when the weather changes. Something about the hot weather makes the kids and the adults get a little antsy. So in the midst of this, the “life” grenades just dropped.

It started around the time the Steve Harvey is a Prophet post came out, reared its ugly head when I launched “When Life Gives You Lemons, Open a Lemonade Stand”post, and just saddled me when I completed this funny post about Wendy’s (yes, the restaurant), which obviously did not publish.

The grenades came at such an expedient rate, I had to religiously exercise my own tips from the lemonade stand post.  I practiced every suggestion in that post, but was a bit lazy on the gym part.  I just wasn’t inspired. After three weeks, I forced myself back on my workout routine and things started to quickly fall in place. My friends know my issue and for a minute thought that I was a bit too calm and waited for the other shoe to drop. Maybe they thought I was going to snap. But my friends and family that know about joy and how God works, knew he was heavily at work.

I thought about the blog every day, but just didn’t feel led to post. I had to make a decision to take my life to the simplest form, decompress, whoosa and just chill out. So that is what I did and I give no apologies.

Some great stuff did happen while my “crap” was going on:

  • Went home for Mother’s Day for the first time since I was in college.  I had a blast.  Grandma was extra nice this time.
  • Joined a new church about a month ago. That was an exciting experience as I had been at my former church for about 13 years and am looking forward to new experiences that I will have.
  • Spent some quality time with my close friends. Thank God for them!
  • Attended a public speaking workshop with “Coach D” from Darrel Andrews Enterprises.  It was a pretty cool experience and something worth looking at as a future venture.
  • Met some fabulous new people from an array of places.  It is always good to increase your circle of influence and networks.

Now we have caught up a bit!  The situation is still going on and will for some time. One of my favorite pastors/speakers, Dr. Mike Freeman always say “your response is your responsibility.”  I have decided to celebrate the small victories in this whole ordeal and just be patient until it passes.

So to make up for lost time, I thought I would bless you with my first series!  It will come right after the “How I know God didn’t want me to go to Wendy’s” post that has been cooling in the vault so stay tuned!

I would love to hear your comments on this post!

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  1. Janet Taylor

    Glad, you are back! I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Nichole Renee

      Thanks Janet!

  2. Valerie

    Welcome back!

  3. Fred Johnson, III

    A cheerful heart is the best medicine. Your post is your fight to be cheerful, so keep it moving.

    1. Nichole Renee

      Thanks dad! I learned from the best!

  4. Donetta A McQueen

    Welcome Back! It’s great to see that you are determined to “Keep It Moving.” :)

    1. Nichole Renee

      Yes maam! Gotta do that.

  5. Kate

    Despite being a little late to the game, I’m glad you are back too. I’m super excited about this “series” you mention…

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