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Why God Didn’t Want Me to go to Wendy’s

I’m not one of those deep Christians that consults God for EVERYTHING, and I am sure He has bigger things to do than get involved in my eating however…

Not consistently eating 5-6 small meals a day while on any physical training program is a major no-no. Your metabolism is burning like a stove and when you don’t eat enough your body can sabotage your efforts.

I was extremely busy one day and ate a very light breakfast, no lunch and missed my two snacks. I usually pack for the day, but it just didn’t happen.  When I left work I was starving and had to eat something…ANYTHING.  I fantasized about a sandwich from my favorite fast food joint—Wendy’s.

I was the Wendy’s drive-thru window girl through my high school years, so I am very familiar with how food is prepared, what’s fairly healthy and other random facts that the average person wouldn’t care about.  I kept thinking about my new favorite sandwich—the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club.  It sounds very fattening and bad for you.  It is.  But it is soooo good! I mean look at the picture.

On the 7-minute drive from my job I went back and forth with extreme feelings of guilt. I had been processed and fast food-free for a month.

I made an executive decision—I was going. I deserved this.

As I approached the turn into the parking lot, I realized my decision had been trumped. The Wendy’s was gone. There was a big pile of dirt where it once was.  I drove by very slowly and just stared.  I felt deceived and violated–like when a kid finds out there is no Santa Clause.

Being a hard head, I made my way to the Chick-fil-A across the street. I reasoned that their food was cooked in peanut oil and very fresh, however there are some negative trade-offs.  I ordered the whole meal with a wheat bun (like that made a difference).  If you’re like me, I pulled out the fries to eat while fresh.  They weren’t.  They were smashed, really soft and just nasty.  I sipped my sugary lemonade with an attitude.  The attitude expanded when I saw the sign for the banana pudding milkshake in my rear-view mirror as I pulled away. That’s what I get!

Now, I will say that this happens EVERY time I have this back and forth battle.  Not the building disappearing part, but the food being unsatisfying part.

When your eating choices are not the most ideal, the following may help:

  • Order the kid’s meal or kid sandwich.  It’s still has the bad stuff but it’s at least half of the bad stuff.
  • Skip the drink and order water.  The sugar is the worst part and it’s a lot of it.  Be in the habit of carrying water with you.
  • Order a salad BUT watch the dressing and drop the croutons.  Sometimes the salads end up being just as bad as the sandwich. Try a dressing that has an olive or vinaigrette base.
  • Pack a lunch or snacks.  Almonds or an apple is a light carry.  If you know you will be gone for a few hours, pack a lunch bag with a variety of fruit and something with a lot of protein in it. It will hold you over until you get to a meal time.
  • Do some research.  Click here and here for some other advice!

I’ve been to Wendy’s twice since this happened. No put in lying–it’s my favorite cheat spot. I just know if the back and forth battle begins, one thing is for sure. I will listen and not go that day.


Please share any strategies when your eating options are limited.

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  1. Janelle

    Girl I love that Asiago ranch sandwich too .. But they mess up my order everyone I go so I stopped going…. I can’t believe that the wendys was torn down….that was good saying no….thanks for the tips on ordering when I get that fast food craving!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Thanks Janelle! Most of the time my order is right, but I noticed that the sandwich either gets smaller or they put it on the regular bun. It looks like they are building a new Wendy’s there so help me! Glad you enjoyed the tips as they have helped me over the years! Make sure you subscribe..I would love to have you!

  2. Dori


    You had me cracking up! As a part of the new Fitness movement I know the temptation gets strong sometimes. Here’s my new mantra…No food tastes as good as being FIT feels!

    Love Ya!


    1. Nichole Renee

      You got that right! As I am packing for my next trip, I pulled out the big suitcase so I could take my grub, snacks and workout gear. I’m not messing around. How is the blog going now that you’re back in the swing?

  3. Dawn Ward

    This is a good article. Been there done that. You cannot enjoy it when you weren’t suppose to be eating it.

    1. Nichole Renee

      Amen to that!

  4. The Lovely D

    Well, i try to get the small portions on the side menu anyway cuz i bought a regular meal from there and felt like a pig after i ate it. I like though that you put we should eat 5 to six times a day, small portions when we’re on a physical regiment. That’s what can be gleaned and applied to this transformation i’m tryna walk out…

    Thanks, NICHOLE!!!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Hey Dorothy! Glad you are working on a regimen. I have lost about 18lbs, but more importantly gained some muscle mass. Make sure you incorporate some strength training on whatever you are doing. Your results will come faster that way. Thanks for reading and subscribing and of course pass the word!

  5. Kate

    I gotta tell ya girl, my food weaknesses lie in other unhealthy categories other than fast food; however, your post and picture now have me craving the Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Sandwich!! No good! On another note, I love the idea of getting a kids portion. It’s a great suggestion! When I’m having that battle with myself back and forth in my head, I tell myself I can have it tomorrow! I find that if I give myself the permission, some of the crazy “need” calms down. I give myself permission to have what I want the following day. Then I figure out a healthier alternative. Once I’ve eaten and the battle has calmed some, I plan my meals for the next day. Most of the time, I am able to forgo the unhealthy desired food and plan/eat appropriately. Sometimes not. Sometimes I plan to eat the delicious treat I originally wanted, but at least I have planned around it to make up for it in other ways. It’s not about telling yourself you can have it knowing you aren’t going to allow yourself, it’s about getting out of that craving moment and taking the time to make a reasonable, planned decision. Don’t deny, just plan!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Great comments Kate! I do the same things. I am in Atlanta now and this time I packed some foods and went to the store when I got here so I can control most of what I eat. That way when we plan to go out to a restaurant I am prepared. My mindset is I can start over again tomorrow and just be realistic. Thanks for all of your comments and welcome back to the blog!

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