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Running Out of Time Pt 3: Planning My Work, Working My Plan


“Once you are crystal clear about the intended end result you seek to produce, all the ways it can become a done deal start to reveal themselves to you ”  – Mark Twain


I missed a great opportunity last year.  After the fact, I rationalized that it was for the best as I saw who was involved in that opportunity. They were folks that get on my last nerve and it could have turned into one of those situations where I would’ve been the lead story on the 6:00 news.  Seriously.

The opportunity came up again and for a brief moment I was going to let it pass.  I made a decision to go for it!

So what made the difference this year?  It’s on my plan and I’m running out of time.  When you have determined your calling in a season, there is a short window and burst of grace to get it done. This is called “kairos” time.

The first two segments of this series, Running Out of Time Pt 1: Before You Ask, The Answer is NO  and  Running Out of Time Pt 2: It’s Time to Call an Audible  provided baby steps to get to this point.

In the meantime, it’s time to plan our work and work our plan!

Fight for What’s Yours

Based on a true story, the movie “The First Grader” is set in rural Kenya.  The main character Maruge, is desperate to learn to read at the age of 84.  He was denied an education when he was of school age due to fighting for the liberation of his country.

  ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lao Tzo, Chinese Philosopher


A primary school education was made available to “all” in the paper and Maruge took that literally.  With the newspaper clipping, he went to the school armed with his birth certificate and a vigor to get into the school—one meant for children.  Through this movie he demonstrated a gut-wrenching perseverance, a swallowing of pride and a steadfast determination.  He fought every obstacle faced, including the threat of death.  He had some haters when he started his venture, but once people saw the unprecedented measures he took to achieve his goal, fighters big and small joined his crusade.

Take a look at the trailer:



What was Maruge’s inspiration to do this?  A letter he received from the Kenyan government.  He wanted to read the letter himself.  He planned his work and worked his plan.

What is your excuse?

Stop Chasing Rabbits! Find Your Zone & Set Parameters

In my home is an office space and a personal computer, but I utilize the library to work on my personal projects.  I pack a lunch, some snacks, water and get out of dodge.  I have to – I have undiagnosed ADD and tend to chase rabbits.  I will wash dishes, watch television, cook food… in between working the project.  What a waste of time!

When I get to my spot, I put my headphones on and get moving.  My best productivity is found in that zone.  I know I only have a limited amount of time to get things done.

If you are going to use a space like this, find out when the slowest and quietest days and times are.  If you go on a slow day, they may extend time on the computers.  If you have your own laptop, free Wi-Fi is usually an option.


Many opportunities never materialize simply because people are too scared to ask someone to help them.”  -Hilton Johnson

Who’s on Your Squad?

A number of people are not successful because they fail to identify people who can assist them in getting to their destination.  Some are too prideful to ask for help.  Some are martyrs or the control-freak type and want to do everything.  Some just don’t know where to start.

I have friends and associates that embody characteristics and skills that I need. I watch them in their element. I ask questions.  I help them do things and get involved in their projects.

For the last two years, I’ve met with a mentor once a month.  We talk about all facets of my life.  She listens, analyzes what I have said and assists me in maneuvering to the next step.  I am accountable to her as she will be expecting an update and some progress.

Most recently, I’ve connected with a life coach.  He will assist me with long and short-term business goals.  I will have assignments that will be done between sessions.

You may not be at the place where you have a life coach or mentor.  You have to be very sensitive and selective so take your time.  You will know when the right person comes along.

While you are in process, there are plenty of options available in the area of trainings, workshops and television programming that can serve as your team members!  The following authors/books are on my team as I work my plan:  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, The Compassionate Samurai by Brian Klemmer and What Makes the Great—Great by Dennis P. Kimbro.

Go Get it!

It is my hope that through this series you were blessed, encouraged and motivated to get started on what God has called you to do. We end this series with the anthem that I’ve been using for 2012 courtesy of the group Mary Mary.  See you at the top!


I would love to hear your comments about this series!  What stuck out to you?  Where have you struggled?  Where have you gained victory? Post your comments now and we can begin!






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  1. Keisha Broomes

    Love this post. You really made me think, “hmmm, I might need a life coach in order to get to my next goal”. My trouble is that I know what I want to do, and how I need to approach it, but I have zero time in my schedule for anything other than regular work and family. I get exhausted and start sighing when I even consider pushing anything else into my days. (And I’ve recently learned that anything I am sighing about, I need to pray about). Anyway…great post! Although I can’t help thinking that those outfits have got to be the ugliest things I’ve ever seen Mary, Mary wear! :-)

    1. Nichole Renee

      Keisha…I was thinking it and you said it! Those were some ugly outfits and hairstyles. Glad the singing was outstanding. In regards to your time, you know we have to “make” time. That life coach can help you maneuver some things around. You may have to employ some people to do some things for you (like TD Jakes said in the video in Part 1 of the series) to free up that time. It’s all about how bad you want it. At any rate, thanks for all of the great comments and shares! Gods best to you!

  2. Kate

    Just wanted to drop a line that this series has been great. It has me thinking about a lot of stuff in my life! I also really like the video piece that you’ve added. It’s added an additional dimension and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying. Thanks for doing what you’re doing!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Thanks Kate! Writing these posts, particularly this series has helped me grow. I’ve been finding resources and reading things that I wouldn’t normally read in order to supplement the posts. I would also suggest that you check out some of the bloggers that I have on my blogroll. I get a lot of inspiration and push from them as well!

  3. Dannet Mitchell

    Nichole,very inspiring series! I am so proud of how you’re planning your work and working your plan with diligence and commitment.

    Keep it Moving sistah!

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