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The hard part is getting started. Just start already!

I’ve been lying to friends Kate, Emily, Lynne and I’m sure a few others for about 2 months now.  “What’s up with the blog?”

I couldn’t believe people actually wait to read these things I post.  They started out nicely, trying to encourage me. But I can always count on Kate to give it to me straight.  After the third time she asked, she said “Let me guess. Next week.”  I followed with “See, what had happened was school started…”  She didn’t want to hear that crap.  She just gave me the stank eye and stopped asking.  She knew I was lying anyway.

So, with this post I don’t care about meeting a word count, having the perfect flow or trying to post at a strategic time to get a ton of hits.  I’m not really concerned with typos and run on sentences. I just need to start.

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th – Julie Andrews


As a blogger, it is recommended that you subscribe to other blogs in your niche area that will either grow, inspire or ground you.  I began the arduous task of catching up on the blogs that I follow in my Google reader.  There were hundreds in there.

I came upon a post by a friend Keisha Gilchrist-Broomes that put some things back in perspective for me.  She posted Get Back to Work, where she talked about the long break she had between posts. We had spoken a few months back about our blogs and how to make time for them. I kept seeing weekly posts pop up from her and I was excited to see that she was getting in her groove.   I felt a little better and it inspired me to get moving.

It made me think of my post “Yes, I’m Still Keeping It Moving” where I talked about getting back in the grind of posting after a long hiatus.  I was a bit embarrassed about this 2nd long break , particularly since this blog is about ‘staying focused despite the dramas of life.’   I’m supposed to be motivating and inspiring folks.  What am I doing taking a break?

But sometimes I forget I am a human.  I got life stuff knocking at my door just like everyone else.  So at this point, I don’t really care.  And actually, if I’m posting now I am keeping it moving because let me tell you, That crap is STILL going on and I just keep adding flavors to my lemonade stand.


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar



I had to get on the bat phone and call my coach. I owed him a follow-up call. I was dreading it because I knew he was going to weed through the crap and give it to me. He was pretty cool about it.  We chatted for a bit and worked out a 14 day plan.

So, you are now part of my first assignment. I had to create two posts in addition to some other random things within a 14 day period.  I have 9 days left.

Thanks for reading and we’ll get together next week as I complete my next task!


I would to hear your comments, words of encouragement or suggestions of what you would like to see in future posts!


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  1. Keisha Broomes

    Great message (and thanks for shouting me out)! Love the Zig Ziglar quote as well. There are so many reasons why any of us can stop moving on our goals. I think we all, at any given time, will say “well…what had happened was.” What I have recently discovered is that pain is a good motivator for getting back in gear. For example, I ditched the gym for two months and ate poorly for six months. My reward? Fifteen extra ugly pounds (most of which are on my posterior). Well, that doesn’t work for me – I can’t let my body temple rot away. As of this week, I am back in the gym. back on a nutrition plan, and KEEPING IT MOVING!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Keisha, I’ve been dealing with the same thing. I’m getting my rhythm back at the gym. What’s been helpful for me is to schedule my training sesssions out for two weeks at a time. I hate cancelling appointments. Much success to you!

  2. Lynn

    Love it! First I’m glad to see you’re back. I’ve aways been a fan of your sassyness (is that a word). Good stuff. One of the things I do to help me keep writing is I’ll create several post topics so that every time I login to the back end of my site they come up as pending and I hate to have things pending. Much success to you on your journey.

    1. Nichole Renee

      Thanks for the advice Lynn!

  3. Simone

    Love it

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