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Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm & Mississippi Power

For those of us in the northeast part of the world, we experienced one of the most severe storms that the U.S. has experienced this week.  A week later there are thousands upon thousands still experiencing it.  There is no getting around the major tragedies and deaths in the storm and my heart and prayers go out to those who are still without electricity, homes and some their lives.  I have friends that live and work in Jersey and New York and have been checking with them on Facebook and via text.  For the most part they are ok.

The surprised but still prepared route…

I didn’t know about the storm until the Friday before.  I felt some kind of way about that because I pride myself of a being a person that’s ‘in the know.” I was kind of ticked because I thought about buying batteries for flashlights a few weeks ago, but did the usual ‘I’ll take care of it later.”  Later became Friday.

After what happened with Katrina and Irene, I didn’t take this storm lightly.  I heeded most of the precautions.  I packed an emergency “get away bag” with toiletries, towels, and clothes. Then I packed my bag of non-perishable snacks.  It took everything in me not to dig in that bag. People sometimes say I go to far with these things and treat me like Noah building the ark for 120 years.  Well, in his case it did eventually rain and none of his haters were not on that boat.  So don’t hate the player, hate the game!


One of life’s most painful moments comes when we must admit that we didn’t do our homework, that we are not prepared.”  Merlin Olsen

The sad but funny route…

The water aisle at my Walmart

I humored myself and started my tour of stores Saturday afternoon.  First stop, you guessed it, Walmart.  There were the typical amount of cars in the parking lot for a Saturday and there weren’t many people in line. I began to get a little optimistic.

I looked down the food aisle and there were still plenty. It seemed like life went in slow motion when I got to the water aisle. Empty minus some misplaced Caprisun and a few hugs.  There was some Perrier water on the far end but who wanted that?

I traveled over to the flashlight area. Pillaged.  Even the camping lamps were gone…well except for the ones that required some type of oil or propane.  I wasn’t even touching those.

Did I miss the memo about the apocalypse coming?

The ghetto but creative route…

The “flashlight” area at my Lowes

The Lowes in my area set the stage for the “ghetto route that I ended up taking to wrap up preparations.  Lowes was the last stop on my tour for flashlights.  I was greeted at the door with a sad little table with streamers on it for the storm.

I had to take the “ghetto” route to wrap up my preparations.  I was tired and I wasn’t about to go all over town looking for water when I had plenty at home.  I filled up whatever huge containers with lids wrap-and-sealed the ones that didn’t.  I had flashlights that didn’t work, but remembered my grill light that is rarely used.  I rounded up some candles, filled my tub and a few buckets with water to flush my toilet and it was a wrap.


Every day above ground is a good day.”

The “Powerful” and grateful route

After the storm finally hit my area, I just sat and waited my fate.  The song from jeopardy was playing subliminally in my head.  I caught up on all my shows and at 8:30 got in bed.  I was like the animals that you hear about prior to a Tsunami.  I knew the storm was getting ready to hit and went to higher ground.

I wrapped myself nice and tight in layers of fleece blankets, sockets, a hoodie and my sweats.

As I say my Facebook activity decline, I turned off my phone.  I turned my lights out (figuring I can take the storms glory away from putting me in the dark) and about 15 minutes later the power went out.  I had already created my warm pocket so I went to sleep.

Sign says “Tuesday Closed, Wednesday God Willing Open”

I heard the lightning, winds, and transformer activity going crazy.  I heard a loud boom outside that shook my entire house.  My cats were stressed out.

There was some damage to my home, as well as my neighbors. Every time I thought about “how am I going to be able to pay for this” I thought about the tragedies I saw on TV.  In true Madea style I “shut the hell up!”

One of the most interesting things that happened on my end of the world, is some good ole guys from far away came and fixed the damage on my house.  I had been going back and forth with PECO as to who had to pay for it.  So a special and grateful shout-out to the wonderful guys from Mississippi Power, because I really wasn’t trying to pay for that!

So, since I knew my story was not sexy enough for the news, here you have it!  There was no tragedy, but of course the usual lunacy was involved.   Hope you enjoyed it!

 I would to hear any of your experiences of the storm or stories from friends, and of course just your general comments on this  post!



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