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Turning 40 and all the hilarity that ensued…

Oh Em Gee!

A few weeks back I went home to the fabulous ATL for my birthday weekend. So from past posts you know there were shenanigans.

Let me start off by saying that some people, places and things will have to take one for the team, so with that being said you know why you’re not mentioned. You know posting everything could result in a breach of national security and I don’t make the kind of money to hire Olivia Pope to “handle” this for me.


Now on with the show.

Somehow my mom roped me into filling in for her on some community service project she does every Friday–on my first day there. This seems to be a recurring theme when I visit.  I think I am a glutton for punishment.  I don’t know if it’s some Jedi mind trick or what.

Feel sorry for me!

I already thought it was suspect that she was going to decorate for this “game night” party she was having as this is the usual grunt detail she has me do with her.  Something involving many errands with assignments like reminding her to get things and stop places, gluing, hanging, boxing desserts…you get the jist.  Real exciting stuff.

One of my friends tried to hype me up.  They said “It’s your birthday.  You just turned 40.  Tell your mom you’re not going.  Are you scared of your mom?”  I almost fell into the trap until the last sentence.  What kind of stupid question is that? Damn right I’m scared of my mom. I wasn’t trying to deal with the domino effect of guilt trips that would follow. I have to save that card for something bigger than this.

I tried to have a good attitude but it was early. I had on no make-up, hadn’t eaten and was tired. I did mention it was my first day there…right?

As you see in the picture that I didn’t want to take, I chose the most pitiful pose and posture possible.  Although working for her was an easy gig and for a good cause, I was miserable.  I was being forced to work like an Egyptian slave.

This was confirmed when I got back home by my dad who smirked and said “Oh, on your way back from making bricks with no straw.” Remember that scene from The Ten Commandments?

Now on with the the fun!

The rest of the weekend was pretty cool.  I hung out with my sister, brother-in-law and a few friends.  We went to an open mic spot (which is the main thing that I wanted to do) in Buckhead called The Green Room.  It was really cool and the ambience was awesome (great suggestion Tascia!).  I’ve always seen one on TV but this is was my first experience at one.

Basically, random people perform with poetry, spoken word, rap, song or instrument. You pay a small cover charge and sit in their lounge which is a random setup of couches, soft chairs and folding chairs.  They usually have a café where you can get drinks, coffee, desserts and such.  They have a jazz band that plays between the acts and a main attraction. We pretty much liked every artist BUT the main attraction.  But she had an obvious fan club and other people appeared to be feeling her, but we were in 100% agreement that she sucked.  But in usual fashion my sister and I ALWAYS enjoy laughing at people so there was an endless supply of jokes all night!

Of course we went to the movies, ate out a lot and stopped at my favorite cupcake spot called Cami Cakes.

Let’s pause a bit here.

If you’ve never had a cami cake…oh my!  As you see by the picture they are full of everything you shouldn’t have.  But that’s what I wanted.  Let’s say I was stuffing my feelings about having to do the making bricks without straw deal.  I ordered about 6 of those bad boys in different flavors.  I ate two and froze the rest for later ( I’m still working them off now and my trainer gives me this shifty look like he smells the icing coming out of my pores).

The highlight…

Me & Tascia

Well that suspect “Game Night” turned into a surprise party for me and our family friend Tascia.  Duh, I kind of figured that but had no idea that it would be a 70’s party.  Anyone who REALLY knows me knows that I have wanted one of these probably since the 70’s.  So my sister being as organized as she is had an array of outfits for me to change into.  As you see I chose the afro puffs (permed out in the middle…don’t ask) and the shiny onesy (since I’ve been doing all that working out…wink-wink).The party was a riot!  There were games with questions that I couldn’t really answer so obviously I didn’t win any trophies.  There was a DJ, lots of dancing and of course a Soul Train line. In true Johnson tradition there was a series of tables with your choice of dominoes, spades and bid whist.

You can check out (or click on) a few of the pics at the bottom of this post.  Thanks Mom, Dad, Nita, Thierry & Tascia for making my 40th!

And of course, the visit with Grandma…

Now you know this visit wasn’t complete without this little trek. She was good so I didn’t have to worry about any jail time.  No questions about weight and she actually picked on my sister this time.  I don’t know if it was because it was my birthday…I doubt it.

I know I massacred the word count on this post but I really didn’t want to split it into two.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!


All the ladies


The fella’s

Sheila trying to run a “Boston” on the bid whist table

Sheila & Thierry win best dressed and best gamer









Uh, surprise!

Nita, Dad, me & Tascia










Beverly & Byron




Mom & Nita surprising at the door.











The Fam: Thierry, Mom, me, Tascia, Nita & Dad










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  1. Valerie

    Nikki, glad you enjoyed yourself. Just so you know, all kids are subject to being worked like Pharaoh’s Egyptian slaves.

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