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Mission Sexy Pt. 2: Looking For Love in all the Wrong Places

He left me with only a week’s notice and what was most insulting is that I found out through someone else. How could he do this to me? I just sat for a minute to collect my thoughts. It took a long time to find the perfect fit and now I had to start all over.

Trying to find the right spin class is difficult.  There are so many options.

One of the classes that I feared more than Ms. Glenda’s cardio boxing class was the spin class.  I am not that crazy about riding bikes—at least not since I was a kid.  It looked really hard and unnecessarily intense.

In Mission Sexy Pt 1: Never Let a Senior Take Your Spot, I shared my venture into spinning.  I found a good instructor, but due to schedule conflicts I could not always make the class.

I happened to be in a boutique shop (of all places), and another sexy senior (these chicks are running things!) that owns the shop told me about this spin guy that she knew I would love.  Don’t ask me how the topic even came up.

But anyway, she explained that he was a nice looking black guy that was a DJ, flirted with the ladies and just did some really bizarre things in the class.  I was trying to figure out what this seasoned, dainty, cucumber sandwich eating white woman would even be doing in a class like that. That made it even more intriguing.

That First Love…

A few weeks later I checked out the class and it was just as she described. He was quite the flirt and did have a way with the ladies–his motto for the class was “whatever you do, keep it sexy!”

He was very eclectic, intense and fun if that makes any sense–kind of like a bacon, caramel sundae from Burger King. The music was awesome, the energy of the class was spectacular and his personality was phenomenal.  He had a high level of interaction with the class and the class gave it right back to him. The class was always packed and minus the strobe light, it was like a party every week.

Then it happened.  I fell in love.

Just like love, spinning gives the best high.  For 60 minutes, everything else in the universe is of little importance. You leave with a feeling of euphoria, not phased by anything for hours.

It didn’t matter what schedule conflict I had, I made it to that class. I even joined the peanut gallery and became a follower, venturing to some of his the various locations.

Then the bottom dropped out: we found out he was moving across the country and would be leaving us.

We weren’t too excited about our little happy family splitting up. At any rate, we asked him for referrals and went on our searches sometimes running into each other and sharing our ventures.  We were having a hard time because he raised the bar too high.

His last class was very bittersweet but we were all happy for him.  He had inspired, entertained and whipped us into shape. A few of my classmates are working towards becoming instructors.


“The great majority of men are bundles of beginnings.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Time To Move On…

The person that actually replaced him was pretty good. A lot of calories were burned but her music was the worst!  There was another guy that he referred us to that was also pretty good and burned a lot of calories, but was kind of boring. I have a multi-gym membership, so I kept looking.  Some of them really sucked (I did walk out of a class or two). Some were okay, but they just weren’t “him.”

The third referral worked out great.  It was a class I had observed before that piqued my interest. This is now my core class.  From that class, I met a girl who has a class on another night that fits into my schedule and she is a beast!

I needed one more class though!  I perused the list at my core location and saw the name “Glenda” on the list.  I knew that couldn’t be my girl as I had never seen her at this location, but then again never went to that location at that particular time. I showed up for the class and sure enough it was hers.  Now all was well with the world!

New Commitments…

I love these three instructors, but they will never give me that high from “his” class, but just like love do you really ever get that “first love” high?

But close to or what some would say is better than love, I can say is that I am getting what I need in each of these instructors.  All contain they key ingredients that I need: personality, great music, interaction and a peanut gallery. These ingredients make for great long-term relationships and an euphoric spin experience.


“If you’ll spend one hour a day, every day for five years on one given subject, within five years you’ll become an expert on that subject.”  ~ Earl Nightengale


I now have developed a mature love for the sport and try to go 3-4 times a week.  I even bought some shoes. I’m ready for prime time!

I hope you have learned a bit about the hype of spinning and are inspired to at least try it. For the final run of this series, I will discuss how to find the class for you and what to do when you get there.

 So, join me on the last leg of this series, Mission Sexy Pt. 3: Claiming Your Prize and Staying on Your A-game.

Miss you Artie!

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