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How this Innocent Cupcake Led a Food Revolt and Eventual Fitness Lock Down!

banana-creamOk. I have a little confession.  In the middle of my recent series on spinning, I fell off the wagon. Keeping it real,  it was pre-meditated.

In anticipation of  a celebratory moment a few weeks ago, I decided if things worked out in my favor that I would eat one my six Cami Cakes that had been in the freezer since late February.  You know how much I LOVE them and it would be a great little treat.  So, the moment of celebration did come and out of the freezer the box came.  I forgot that they were frozen two to a box, so I defrosted the whole box.

An executive decision was made to treat myself even further and get a meal from my favorite soul food restaurant and top it off with my Key Lime Pie cupcake.  I ate a 1/3 of the dinner and before it completely thawed, I got to work on the frosting.

My eyes rolled in the back of my head. Delish!

I eyed the Banana Crème cupcake and thought I should just go ahead and eat that one too.

The next day, another executive decision was made to have a week of planned food rebellion and this is what I ate in addition to my regular workout meals:

  • Monday: 1/3 of the soul food dinner which consisted of meatloaf and gravy, macaroni and cheese and greens, Key Lime Pie cupcake and ½ of the Banana Cream cupcake
  • Tuesday:  The other ½ of the Banana Cream cupcake
  • Wednesday:  2 Taco Supremes with mild sauce from Taco Bell (right after I left the gym)
  • Thursday: Mango and Swedish fish gelati, slice of carrot cake
  • Friday: Last 2/3 of the soul food for my morning snack (lol) and my late lunch, 2 munchkins, an Elevation burger with bacon accompanied by their shoe string fries cooked in olive oil (like that made a difference)
  • Saturday: Plate of animal crackers, Mango and Swedish fish gelati,  2 Cool Ranch taco supreme from Taco Bell
  • Sunday: Half a muffin at our church’s morning reception (I usually only drink water and maybe some yogurt). An order of 10 Sesame Garlic wings and 1/3 order of the famous fries with the cheese dip from PJ Helihan’s. Oh yeah, a large Shirley Temple (don’t judge).

As you see that was a ridiculous and wallet busting week (now some of you may say what’s the big deal because you eat like this every week).

Getting back to normal?

The next week I tried to go back to my regular eating plan but my body got used to the sugars and bread.  I knew this would happen, so I started a regimen of fiber supplements, green tea and water to start the flush out and reduce the sugar cravings.

On Wednesday of that week, I decided I would do 45 days of no desserts, breads and added sugar beginning on Friday.  Of course sabotage happens, but from an unexpected source.  My mom.

It came in the form of a homemade sour cream pound cake sent to the job. You could smell it through the box. Now, she told me this package was coming but I kinda forgot. My colleague, Em, saw the box and her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  My mom has sent orders of cake pops before, which have been the biggest hit.

Em: Box from your mom?

Me: Yeah.

Em: What’s in it, more cake pops? (eyes shining and glazing over at the same time)

Me: No cake pops.

Em: Oh. (major frown and look of major disappointment)

Me:  I think a cake.

Em: Ohhhhh… (curious smile and evidence of flexible taste buds)

Whatever deep consult that she came in for was overpowered by the deep buttery, sugar drench in the air. The only thing we cared about cake duowas finding a pair of scissors to open the box.

We ended up cutting up the entire cake and passing it to basically everyone in the offices on the first floor. That cake stretched farther than Jesus’ fish and five loaves.

I have a confession to make though.  Everyone thought I was being really nice and Christian-like passing out the cake.  But the only reason is that mom specifically said it was for the office and for some unknown PTSD inkling in my body I just KNOW she would have known if I didn’t.  The other reason is that I would have taken half the cake home and eaten it. I did eat two slices that day and took two slices home.  Just polished them off yesterday.

Time for the lock-down…

It was bad enough I was coming off the weekend prior to this binge and I allow myself two cheat meals and a dessert a week (and that’s pushing it), but this was just CRAZY!  What is the fascination with rewarding ourselves with food?

So, now I have to go cold turkey because I really wanted to get these abs together for the summer.  It makes no sense that the top and bottom half of my body are coming together and the middle is just doing its own thing.

The Plan for the next 45 days:

  • Fiber, three times a day
  • Enzyme supplements
  • Lots of salad
  • Tons of water
  • No coffee (I can’t drink it without crème or sugar)
  • No added sugar
  • No bread, pasta or white rice
  • Follow the chiseled abs program by Keep It Moving Fitness (no relation to me at all. Discovered her when I googled myself).
  • Throw in a day of Zumba

I hope you didn’t get fat reading the crap I ate.  On my next post, I will provide some insight to how the items above made the 45 day list. I the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the post and are encouraged to make some changes in your eating habits!


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  1. Em

    Omg! That is totally how that scene went down! Though you neglected to mention that your mom wrapped it like it was a glass vase riding a u-haul truck up from Atlanta! And my flexible taste buds really appreciated that cake! Yummy!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Hey Em! You know I have a word count and more than massacred it on this post. Plus, I knew you would comment and throw in what I missed. What do you think she will be sending next?

  2. Kelly Smith

    ooooh Nicole, thanks for being so transparent! Sending you a wooooosh of energy to assist you with your Detox! GOD SPEED!!!!

    1. Nichole Renee

      Kelly!!! So glad to see that you were on my blog and enjoyed it. At some point, I would love for you or Steve to be a guest blogger and talk about the benefits of juicing. That is something that I want to explore for my summer shred. You and Steve look fabulous and I am always excited to see your posts on FB. Thanks for the wooooosh!

  3. Em

    Not sure about the next thing. I can’t decide if we should make a request or just wait to be surprised again? Maybe we should write a thank you card to ensure another delivery??

  4. Dawn

    My exercising routine is not the problem, the food in particular sugar. I don’t drink soda and I don’t eat fast food. I love bread and desserts. This blog gave me the motivation to detox and regain control.

    1. Nichole Renee

      Dawn, that’s great! My situation is similar. My vices are ice cream and cookies. At our age, we definitely have to watch that,lol!

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