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Update to the 45 Day Detox: Landmines, False Positives and Intrigue

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It was a great idea. It really was. But just like Antoine Dodson said on the Bedroom Intruder interview, “That was just dumb. Real dumb.”  And a few people took liberty to tell me so.

But my dumb behind is still on the detox with about 15 days to go.

To recap, the 45 Day Detox is no special program.  It’s just me doing clean eating for 45 days (no bread, white rice, sweets, pasta, fried foods, etc).  Basically, it is a Daniel Fast with meat and fish, minus all the praying.  Don’t ask where the 45 came from.

So when I mentioned something about if I got through the first two weeks with no problems, the rest would be cake…and it was cake, sandwiches, and ribs.

I thought it would be simple is because I have been able to do the 21 Daniel Fast with no issue. What I forgot was that the Daniel Fast is usually in January and there are hardly any social functions going on in the winter.  This time of year for educators is full of end of the year functions, parties and all types of shindigs.  I’m not making excuses (well maybe I am), but I’m not really trying to be the weirdo walking around at every event not eating anything.  Especially if the food and drink is not something that I would typically have access to.


I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” ~Mae West


I did the first 14 days without cheating. On day 15, I attended a Women’s Luncheon that I paid $40 for  and you best believe I ate what they gave me (just keeping it 100). Then there was Mother’s Day, Prom, and a graduation party (my friends are from Guyana..good food and good wine).  In most cases, I know the event is coming so I make sure I get some cardio before or after and up my fiber. I also don’t eat too much at the events and make sure I eat perfectly before and after.

I am still not tempted to eat the bad foods. It’s more of a curiosity and greediness factor attached to it.  It’s amazing how much food plays a role in our lives.

False Positives

I measured my body fat and weight on day 21 and came across something odd.  According to the scale, I lost about 6 lbs since I started the detox.  Good right?  When I measured my body fat on the machine, it read a gain of 2.0%.  That’s not good. I was ticked and confused. Basically, it means that I was going backwards on my goals.  With all of the training that I have been doing, my body fat percentage should have gone down 1.5 points.

After talking to a few trainers, we came to the conclusion that I was losing muscle because I either was doing too much cardio, wasn’t eating enough protein or not lifting enough.  So my trainer and I changed my program.  We will cease with the toning and go to a building and shredding exercise—basically this means will be doing more weights, which will eventually show more muscle definition and more strength.  This will burn the fat even faster.  Additionally, I had been slacking on weight training outside of my sessions with the trainer so he wrote some programs for me to do on my own. We will go through a period of trial and error to see if this works. I wil now only focus on body fat percentage since the weight will go up and down based on muscle gain.

In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time.” ~Anthony D’Angelo


So now that I’ve gone through this little experiment, I have some tips to share with you to assist you on your workout journey:

Cutting out or down:

  • I am eliminating pineapples, bananas and grapes due to high sugar content. This aids in the elimination of belly fat.
  •  I am not adding Zumba until later—just can’t fit it in the schedule.  I don’t need any more cardio right now and adding this won’t allow me to get the rest in between workouts that my body needs.
  • The Absolutely sexy abs program will have to wait until the summer.  To paraphrase Kevin Hart ‘the way my living situation is set up…’ I can’t integrate into my life right now.  I did purchase the program and read through the materials and have integrated some of the concepts into what I am doing now.

New Discoveries:

  • I had my height redone to make sure it is accurate for my body fat test and found out that I am really 5’5 ¾ not 5’ 6 ½  .  It’s only ¾ of an inch, but  this is a big deal because that means that my body fat percentage could be higher and has been wrong since I started measuring it. Bummer.
  • The water that you consume while working out at the gym does not count toward your suggested daily amount.
  • Coconut water is a great replacement for the electrolyte water and banana’s.  It actually hydrates faster and has more potassium.  So this will be my drink after I spin.
  • I got some newfound confidence and moved up to the front row in two of my spin classes.  That’s a big deal in our world.  I also cut one of my favorite spin classes to begin this really challenging (it also burns almost twice the calories) class that I have been avoiding.

Overall, I am seeing some of the results I wanted from the “detox” so I will keep plugging away.  My clothes are looser, legs tighter, belly is flatter and I’m starting to see my neckline chisel out.  I have about 3-4 more functions coming up before this officially ends, but I’m going to cut the collateral damage as much as I can and keep it moving.  That’s what we do here.

I pray this Memorial Day weekend is kind to you. 

And pray my strength too because I smell the charcoal and the grill is calling me, LOL!


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  1. marcia myers

    You are hilarious!!! This was a good read! Keep doing your thing! I’m right behind you:)

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